The following is a list of those veterans with ties to Jackson County who have died between June 2014 and May 25, 2015, as compiled from public records provided by Veterans Service Officers, in conjunction with local Funeral Homes.

Post Everlasting - 2015

Joseph Churchill Ashe

James “Tex” Clegg

Kenny “Elic” Mathis

Robert Baldwin

Rev. Calvin Clifford

Stephen O. Norman

 Joseph “Joe” Yarnall Bassett Jr.

Kelly Thomas Cooper

Raymond Joseph Pangle

Fisher “ Bick” Bickerstaff

Cliff Cypher

Harvey C. Powell

William Anderson “Andy” Blanton

Carroll Clayton Deitz

Clyde Ramsey

Theodore Allen Blauser

John Ford Deitz

George Jesse Sherrill Jr.

David Bradley

Lloyd Derrick

Gregory Brian “Greg” Simpson

Earl Bryson

William V. “Bill” Fisher

Albert James Smith

Farris Bryson

Kenneth Fowler

Alvin Stiles

Robert L. Bryson

Clyde William Green

R.O. Vance

Howard Tatham Buchanan

Merwyn Lawerence “Mert” Haney

William Richard “Rick” VanCleve

Joseph F. Bushey

Leon Hendricks

Robert C. “Bob” Vodak

Carlin Cabe

Thomas Herter

Walter Wade Wilson

Paige Walrath Christiansen

Wade Clifton Hooper

Bruce Alan Christy

Samuel Lee Maney


If your Jackson County military veteran family member has died during the past year (June 2014 - May 25, 2015) and their name is not listed here to be honored and remembered, please fill out our contact form with the proper information and your veteran’s information will be added.

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Fallen, but not forgotten

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