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Identifying Veterans Remains

Dr. Joe Hurt - The Identification of Unidentifiable Bodies.
by David Zachary, Post 104 Webmaster

The William E. Dillard Post 104 of The American Legion is proud to have Dr. Joseph P. Hurt, Pathologist as a member of the Sylva post, which is located at 915 West Main Street, Sylva and immediately adjacent to the east side of Mark Watson Park.  Dr. Hurt’s medical experiences from both the military and civilian segments of life are invaluable to veterans families. He says that veterans and their families can assist in identifying the “unidentifiable” remains of their deceased family member(s) by providing useful personal items from every day life. Items such as a DNA sample of the deceased veterans, Dog Tags, or even old military orders can help investigators with the identification of remains.

American Legion Post 104
Post 104 and the United States Flag

The William E. Dillard American Legion Post 104 is proud of our nation and our symbol of equality, faith, freedom (in various forms), heaven, liberty, and justice. The United States Flag, or the Stars and Stripes as we often call it, represents one of the greatest reasons that men and women join the military. These service members willingly service this nation and will even offer their life for God, Country, and Family to preserve these cherished freedoms. In addition, the flag represents the solemn symbol of “Service” and Sacrifice” for those service members who died in the line of duty while serving around the world. The US flag covers the coffin of all returning deceased active-duty service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. In addition, Legion Post 104 offers a Flag Folding Ceremony for all deceased veterans in honor of their service to America. The receive this free service the veteran’s family needs to ask the funeral home director for this service.Americans honor and cherished our flag because it represents the dreams of free people and to disgrace it in any manner is akin to saying, “I no longer wish to be an American.” By the grace of God, America offers citizens what foreigners cannot gain in their home nations. Our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee to all citizens the right to assemble freely and to speak boldly about issues which concern us most. Responsible Americans honor the US Flag and remember those who gave their life in military service.

Annual Flag Disposal Ceremony

The proper procedure for “retiring” any US Flag which no longer represents the condition necessary to represent honor calls for ceremonial burning. Every June, William E. Dillard American Legion Post 104 provides a Flag Day Disposal Ceremony in the parking lot outside the Legion Hall at 915 West Main Street, across from Mark Watson Park in Sylva. The Post Commander leads this program which includes a solemn American Flag retirement ceremony to retire a worn, faded, torn, or soiled flags. Post 104 members conduct the ceremony and invites the public to come and be a part of the ceremony.

Anyone with such flags may bring them to the ceremony or pass them on to Post 104 members by Friday for proper disposal.

For more details about our flag see the following websites:

Respectfully submitted,

David Zachary,

Post 104 Webmaster, Assistant Chaplain

Jim Nicholl , Former Post 104 - Adjutant of the Year 2018

Jim Nicholl is honored for his many years of service to Post 104 as the “Post Adjutant of the Year” and presenting the award is Post Vice-Commander Roy Burnette. The legion is blessed to have such a dedicated individual who has kept our meeting minutes, handled banking transactions, conducted membership assistance, involved himself with numerous Post 104 events concerning the younger generations of the community, and selflessly devoted himself to the betterment of the administrative portion of Post 104 business. Jim is retiring after the 2017-2018 season is complete and member Larry Agle will be stepping in to fill Jim’s enormous shoes during the upcoming Post Officer election in June. Those of us who have worked with Jim over the years are glad to know that he is passing the torch of responsibility to the younger generation and I personally congratulate him for all he has done for our veterans in Jackson and Swain counties.

May his life and his wife be blessed as he ventures into post-retirement. Thank you Jim, for your service to our nation and Post 104.

David Zachary, webmaster Post 104

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