Whenever you see a veteran, whether in uniform or civilian attire, offer them the “Handshake of Friendship” or the “Wave of Freedom” for their sacrifices, so that our citizens may continue to “live” free from the oppression that so many other peoples and nations in this world still endure.

Memorial Day 2021…
Memorial Day 2021 Post 104 Legion Riders Honor Giard

Legion Riders honoring those veterans who have gone on to their eternal resting place.

It was a bright sunny Memorial Day as Sylva Legion Post 104 Commander Ed Harwood delivered a heartfelt message to local veterans and concerned citizens gathered at Mark Watson Park. Commander Harwood spoke about the value of veterans and the sacrifices they make every day in America. He stated veterans volunteered to serve our nation because of their sense of patriotism and others served due to family traditions. Nevertheless, veterans understand the sense of duty to a nation where freedom and liberty are the basis of its government and peoples. Harwood stated the freedoms we experience today began the moment the colonies declared their independence from England. Harwood spoke of our forefathers and their commitment to build a nation of free people who would self-govern this nation with laws and principles of democracy.

Commander Harwood elaborated on the reality that even those who fought the Civil War- brother against brother- are veterans too.  They fought for the principles they believed and did so with pride in the heart. Also, other veterans who have served in the military express similar pride. Veterans represent the search for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When necessary, they make the supreme sacrifice and for a nation which sometimes forgets them. Remember Vietnam? They persist in the fight for liberties which individuals often take for granted. Finally, they are constantly in pursuit of the happiness which bonds families and peoples together.

As you travel through the community, state, or nation this year, remember to thank a veteran for their service and dedication to duty and service that our nation still lives free.

David Zachary, webmaster

Post 104 Commander Ed Harwood and member Harold Hensley honor longtime member Richard Wilson for his many years of service to America and the American Legion by bestowing on him the wreath which represents all of our fallen veterans.

Remembering All Who Served Honoring One of Our Own
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