February 2020 Meeting

Monday, 10 February 2020, at 7:15 p.m. Post Commander Ed Harwood called to order the monthly (second Monday) meeting of William E. Dillard American Legion Post 104, Inc., at the American Legion Hall, 915 West Main St., Sylva, NC. Present were twenty-two Post members. Beginning at 6 p.m., Post 104 members and guests enjoyed a meal offered by the Auxiliary Unit, for a $6.00 donation, which included multiple desserts and drinks.

Opening Ceremony

Sergeant of Arms, Ron Short marched the colors to the front of the room, posted them in their stand, and Commander Harwood led the members in a hand salute. Chaplain Burrus Jones offered the opening prayer. Commander Harwood read the American Legion statement to honor all missing U.S. POW and MIA’s. Members viewed the empty POW and MIA logo embossed black chair on display. The Commander led those present in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to the American Legion Constitution.

Previous Minutes

Adjutant Larry Agle summarized the minutes of the January 2020 meeting (available at www.sylvalegion.org/minutes/) which received approval by a voice vote, with Richard Wilson making the motion and seconded by Rick Blomgren.


Adjutant Larry Agle presented the current financial report, which received approval by a voice vote, Rick Blomgren making the motion and seconded by Phil Haire.

Membership and Recruiting Report

Membership Officer Linda Nee was not present so, Adjutant Agle reported that we currently have 138 members paid up for 2020 and the post currently has one hundred seventy-eight members. The 2020 dues (1 July 2019 – 30 June 2020) are now due and members can renew by mail, in person, or online. Dues are $35.00, with the Post keeping $7.50 and the balance going to the Department of North Carolina ($9.00) and the National American Legion ($18.50). Mail payments to American Legion Post 104, at P. O. Box 104, Sylva, NC 28779.

Members can pay their annual dues online at the National Headquarters web site http://www.legion.org/renew. To complete this action, have your American Legion membership number and a credit card available. As you finish, you can print off a temporary membership card plus a receipt to serve as “proof of membership” until Membership Officer Nee mails or gives you a permanent card.

Business and Announcements

Funeral Details

Vice Commander Burnett reported the post performed one funeral detail this past month.

Thoughts and Prayers--Overseas Service

Sick Call

As always let’s keep these folks and our vets around the world in our thoughts and prayers.

Closing Ceremony

After Chaplain Jones offered the closing prayer, Commander Harwood led the group in a hand salute and declared the meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully presented,

Lawrence Agle, Adjutant

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