Post 104 Honors

In honor of their service to the William E. Dillard American Legion - Sylva Post 104, we remember our fallen comrades who honorably served this nation…

Never to be forgotten for their sacrifice to God, Family, and Country…

 It is with the utmost respect that Post 104 requests information needed for your deceased veteran to be listed on the “Wall of Honor.” This is a permanent reminder to our viewers, for the sacrifice that your veteran made while serving our nation and Post 104. To qualify for inclusion on the “Wall of Honor,” your veteran must be a current or former member of the Sylva Legion - Post 104.

Post 104 Veterans - Wall of Honor

Charles A. Bradshaw

1931 - 2016

US Marines - Korea

Rank ?,

Post 104 Member - ? years

Ben O. Bridgers

1939 - 2016

US Air Force - Vietnam

Rank ?

Post 104 Member - ? years

Clyde T. Bumgarner

1929 - 2016

US Marines, US Army - Alaska, Texas


Post 104 Member - 40 years

Frank Weaver Moody

1917 - 2017



Post 104 Member - 50 years

Robley “Les” Odom

1931 - 2016

US Navy - Stateside


Post 104 Member - ? years

Perry D. Sutton

1930 - 2016

US Army - Korea

Rank ?

Post 104 Member - ? years

Post 104 - Wall of Honor
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Complete the following form if you would like your deceased veteran to be considered for inclusion on the Wall of Honor. Email us (1) military photo and (1) civilian photo if possible. Photos can be in GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF or RAW  digital format at least 4” x 6” or larger, with a resolution of 180 dpi or greater. They will be sized appropriately for inclusion above.

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Steven Randal Lusk


US Air Force - ?


Post 104 Member - 3 years

VFW Member - ? years

Honoring those gave all... for our country.

Earnest  Bumgarner

1929 - 2021

US Army - Korea


Post 104 Member - 45 years

Richard O. Wilson Sr.


US Navy Reserve - WWII


Post 104 Member - 20 years,

former Post 104 Cmdr

Help us honor your deceased Post 104 veteran, by providing any of the missing information to complete their portrait. USE THE FORM BELOW.

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