1st Annual Veterans Parade - 2015

Posted: 10 November 2015

Post 104 Marches in the Parade

Sunday, November 8, 2015, the America Legion - Sylva Post 104, led by Commander Ed Harwood, participated in the First Annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Sylva, North Carolina.  Overcast skies kept the air temperature down in the mid-to-high fifties, however, the weather did not deter the Legion and other civic organizations from paying tribute to the veterans of Jackson and Swain County for their service and sacrifices to our nation. The Ladies Auxiliary provided refreshments for all members.

Before the Color Guard headed to the staging area at Mark Watson Park, David Zachary, Post 104 Chaplain-Intern, offered a prayer of gratitude and blessing for all in attendance.  Anxious marchers and riders were poised and ready for the event to begin as each float, truck, car, motorcycle, and marching group waited for their cue to move out at 3:00 PM.  Excitement filled the air as the parade rounded the corner in front of the old courthouse and headed down main street, where enthusiastic people lined both sides of the street, waving American flags and paying tribute as each float slowly moved passed them.

As a member of the Post 104 Color Guard, I found it exhilarating to hear people shouting out “Thank you for your service” as we marched the American flag and Post flag passed their location, and it was evident that patriotism is still alive in this small community of rural America.   Representatives from the Sylva and Cherokee (Post 143 and Ladies Auxiliary) American Legions, NC National Guard, Vets to Vets, Patriot Guard Riders, along with war veterans from WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom passed by in various vehicles, motorcycles, and floats.  In addition, representatives from every branch of military service, local governments, political parties, law enforcement, fire departments, radio, and the Cherokee High School JROTC participated in the procession, with each group showing their patriotic support for the military veterans who sacrifice(d) so much for our freedoms. The parade proceeded for a short forty-minute march down Main Street, circling around Mill Street and returning to the staging area.

In closing, those citizens who lined the streets of Sylva and gave their support with shouts of thanks created a sense of pride in all the parade participants because their faces expressed the gladness in their heart.  May we always remember our military men and woman who continue to serve this great nation, America!

David Zachary,
Post 104 Webmaster and Assistant Chaplain

Freedom is never free. . . many veterans paid a very high price for it.

1st Annual Veterans Parade 2015 - Sylva, NC.

November 8, 2015

Sylva, North Carolina

Veterans Day Parade May We never Forget Those Who Sacrificed So Much For Freedom.

Irving W. Nutter - My Friend

Posted 6 June 2018

Irving W. Nutter was a charter member of the 82nd Airborne and landed in France during the D-day invasion on June 6, 1944.  I know this because one Sunday after services- on the steps of East LaPorte Grace Community Church- Mr. Nutter and I were talking about God, America, and the military.  Irv reached into his wallet and produced his charter membership card from the division he served so proudly during WWII. You should have seen the look of pride on his face that morning!

Sadly… my friend, my comrade-in-arms, and my fellow church member died on May 18 2018, at age 93 years 8 months and 1 day. He lived a long and fruitful life without any regrets and this nation is a better place to live because of veterans like Irv. When I conducted his memorial service on May 23, 2018 in Sarasota, Florida, I learned much about this quite veteran of the US Army and the Sarasota Fire Department. Mr. Nutter was a pioneer from his airborne days in France to his becoming Fire Chief in Sarasota. He was loved by all who knew him and I never heard an unkind word from his lips. Irv was a leader and people followed his examples through life. This airborne paratrooper not only survived battles during WWII, he survived to become an Olympian, a proficient sky instructor, a hard-charging fire chief, and a proud veteran.  May we never forget the sacrifices that Irv and countless other service members made for all, that America might remain a free nation under God

 If you know of a veteran who served in any branch of service- especially combat veterans- then, thank them publicly or privately as I thanked and acknowledged Mr. Nutter on occasion. Their service to our nation and the local community is an example to all future generations to mimic.

Rev. David Zachary,
Post 104 Webmaster and Assistant Chaplain

World War II  Veterans
Monument Rededication Ceremony

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Photos by: Wanda Zachary

Veterans Day 2015

Photos by: Wanda Zachary

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