Marines Logo... to the William E. Dillard American Legion Post 104 of Sylva, NC.  We strive to serve all military veterans and their families within the local communities of Jackson and Swain Counties in Western North Carolina as best as our abilities will allow us to do so.  Post 104 is always in need of other dedicated veterans to assist us with the many endeavors in which we are involved and the units that we served under are a part of the United States Armed Forces. Therefore, your participation is greatly needed within this organization in whatever manner that God has gifted you to serve others. The Legion still needs a “Few Good Men.”

It is quite ironic, because some people believe that our service towards other veterans ended upon our separation from active military service.  On the contrary, it is because of our joint unity, as veterans, that we serve to protect the freedoms of this nation, so that those who survived the rigors of serving in the Armed Forces might serve veterans in other ways.

No Airman, Coast Guard, Marine, Sailor, or Soldier ever trained or served alone in the pursuit of serving this great nation and Post 104 is no different.  We need active veterans because you are gifted and skilled in some way that is a valuable asset to the veterans whom we attempt to serve on a regular basis.  If you are motivated to offer your gifts, talents, and skills to this local post, that we might assist other veterans in a better way then, I would encourage you to contact us and make yourself and your skills available.   Further more, I would encourage any current member who is not currently involved with this post to attend one of our monthly meetings.

Thank you veterans and to your families for their sacrifice towards your military service.

  David Zachary,
           Webmaster and Chaplain Assistant

Post 104 Honor Guard - Veterans Parade 2015 NC National Giuard - Veterans Parade 2015

Honoring the Fallen

Honoring the Living

     Whenever you see a veteran, whether in uniform or civilian attire, offer them the “Handshake of Friendship” or the “Wave of Freedom” for their sacrifices, so that our citizens may continue to “live” free from the oppression that so many other peoples and nations in this world endure.

Welcome all Veterans…

“Always Aim High”

Veterans Parade - Click for more photos.

General Information

American Legion
Sylva Post 104

District 25, Division 5
Department of North Carolina

Monthly Meetings

Second Monday at 19:00 hrs


Due to COVID-19, all onsite meetings are postponed until further notice.

American Legion Hall

915 West Main Street
Sylva, NC 28779

Location map - Click here

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 104
Sylva, NC 28779

In honor of their service to the William E. Dillard American Legion - Sylva Post 104, we remember our fallen comrades who honorably served this nation…

View the "Wall of Honor" Honoring those gave all... for our country.

Post 104 Veterans - Wall of Honor

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